Pathway to Peace

The fundamentals set to enable sustainable and ever-lasting peace.

Restlessness, anxiety and conflict are on the rise. Much of the disorder and suffering in the world is entirely man-made and a direct result of the wrongful conduct and injustices perpetrated by humans. Wars are being fought, conflicts are erupting and horrific cruelties are being committed. Both domestically and at an international level, society is becoming increasingly divided and fragmented.

Is a brighter future possible?

Yes. We can hope for a brighter and harmonious world for the generations to come but only If we implement fundamentals of peace in all of our dealings.

The 9 fundamentals of peace were established after thorough and diligent research on the current state of the world and some of the most common problems. These hand selected fundamentals, if adopted by human beings, would lead towards the establishment of long-lasting and sustainable peace.

Think of it as a commitment. None of us are perfect. But once you sign off on these fundamentals, you try your best to uphold to the highest standards of justice, and become a proponent for those fundamentals which may be out of your control.