4. Reject Extremism

4. Reject Extremism

“Seek not to create disorder in the earth. Verily, God loves not those who seek to create disorder” (28:78).

The Holy Qur’an categorically forbids mankind from creating disorder in the world. There is absolutely no justification for terrorism against any individual, government, or nation—for any reason, and it is pivotal that as human beings we stand united and reject all forms of violence and extremism.

The growing barbarity and perpetration of indiscriminate violence done by extremists in the name of religion is significantly on the rise. It is essential that mankind must combat all forms of extremism and stand united towards establishing peace.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) rejected all types of extremism in the name of Islam, even while Muslims faced twelve years of vehement persecution in Mecca.

It is important to remember that extremism does not only infer violent atrocities perpetrated in Muslim countries. In the 15th National Peace Symposium, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (AA) profoundly stated:

“As a result of recent terrorist attacks and widespread immigration to the West, there has also been a dangerous rise in nationalism in many Western countries, evoking fears of the dark days of the past. It is particularly disturbing that far-right groups have become increasingly vocal and have seen their membership rise and have even made political gains. They too are extremists, who seek to poison Western society, by inciting the masses against those who have a different colour of skin or who hold different beliefs.”

We must stand united against all forms of violence and extremism in order to chart a course back towards everlasting peace.