7. Elimination of Weapon Profiteering

7. Elimination of Weapon Profiteering

“Money talks and morality is left nowhere to be seen. How on earth can peace be achieved in such an environment?”

These were the profound and bold words of His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, in his renowned address at York University to professors, politicians, journalists and thought leaders, titled “Justice in an Unjust World.”

Weapon profiteering is an unspoken epidemic that has sent the world in a downwards spiral of challenges. Global leaders continue to make decisions with greed and economic gains as the forefront objective and as a result put the safety of the world in a delicate state.

We see numerous examples in the world we live in today. A number of Western countries are continuing to sell weapons that are being used to target the population of small countries. No small country has large-scale weapons factories that can produce such large quantities of deadly weapons and so their only source is the Western world.

We live in a world where we openly see major powers trading arms that are being used to kill, maim and brutalize innocent people. Regrettably, such nations are focused only on attempts to boost their economy and to maximize their nation’s capital, without pausing for thought at the grave consequences and how detrimental this is for long-lasting peace.